Fall Layering Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Fall Layering Tips for Babies and Toddlers

by Pallavi Patil

September 18, 2020   |   1 min read

The Perfect Layer

  • Base: Pocket Tee or Long Sleeve Tees
  • (pro tip: in winter weather layer our pajama pants underneath our sweats for extra comfort)
  • 2nd Layer: Hooded Sweatshirt & Jogger. Perfect for safe car seat travel. 
  • Even More Outerwear: Coat! We love Patagonia and North Face Toddler wear. 

More Tips

  • Dress infants in as many layers as you would yourself, they don’t need extra warmth 
  • When babywearing our footies make the perfect outfit since they offer protection and breathability!
  • Don’t forget that as weather gets colder, experts advise against using jackets while in the car. 
  • Layers come off: Wrap our hoodies around the waist so they don’t get lost!
  • Sun safety is still important as weather cools down. Our fabric still protects from harmful UV rays when you stop thinking about sunscreen. 
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