About Lark

What makes Lark Unique?

Our exclusive Softek™ bamboo wicks-moisture from skin, regulates temperature, UPF 50+, super soft, is tagless & stain resistant.  It’s great for all kids, but especially for children that get hot easily, have sensitive skin, eczema or sensory issues. 

What is Softek™ Bamboo?

Our Softek™ fabric stands apart from other bamboo fabrics.

Softek™ is made from cotton and bamboo unlike other bamboo fabrics that are made from delicate bamboo and spandex. Our Softek™ was created to wick away sweat from the delicate skin. 

Main differences between Softek™and other bamboo and cotton textiles: 

• No pilling or shrinking

• Machine Washable

• 2x more durable and stain resistant

• Not see through while still being breathable

Although it may seem like Lark Adventurewear is only great for warm days outdoors, our clothing is also great as the days get colder. As you layer your baby in cold weather gear - like sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets - having a wicking base layer will ensure that your little ones aren’t overheating and that they have a breathable fabric against their delicate skin.

What is Lark Adventurewear clothing made out of?

We use a 65% Bamboo/28% Cotton/7% Spandex blend created with a special wicking thread that pulls moisture away from a baby’s delicate skin. There are no chemicals and no synthetic fabrics in our clothing.

Where can I buy Lark Adventurewear?

Checkout our shop section or buy in person at one of our retail partners

Product Information

What sizes do you carry?

We carry sizes newborn through 8 years throughout our various styles. We recently started carrying a women’s line and during the holiday season also offer unisex matching holiday pajamas. 

How does your sizing run?

In general our sizing runs true to size but it's important to note that our daywear is styled for a more slim or tailored look. In our product descriptions, we try to highlight how each style was created to fit and when you should size up. 
Sizing Note: When we describe a product as “12-18 months” the item will be labeled as “12 months” and meant to fit a child between those ages. 

What if I notice a slight variation in color or fit between items?

Since our clothing is sewn by human hands, it is quite normal for there to be a small sewing variance from item to item. While we aim to keep our sizing as consistent as possible, there will always be slight fluctuations within a small range because of this.
Snaps, zippers, and small details are often improved to ensure the highest quality available in current production standards. 

Why and how is your clothing stain resistant?

We don’t use chemicals to make our clothing stain resistant. The knit of our fabric and the natural properties of bamboo allow our fabric to be more stain resistant than other textiles such as cotton or normal bamboo. We have gotten grass stains, mud, berries, pasta sauce, ice cream and soiled clothing from accidents and many other items out of our clothing, but we do not guarantee stain resistance. For example, paint, markers and other oil based substances are hard to wash out of any textile. We recommend pre-treating any stain, washing with warm water and a detergent (we recommend Persil) and drying on medium. 

Do you use chemicals to make your bamboo UPF 50 Sun Safe?

We don’t use chemicals to make our bamboo UPF 50+. The knit of our fabric and the natural properties of bamboo create a textile that is sun safe as tested by third party labs. 

Do you use any flame retardants in your clothes?

We do not use flame retardants or any chemical finishes on our clothing which
means that it must be worn tight fitting for safety reasons.

Are there special wash instructions for your clothing?

We suggest washing our products on warm with like colors, tumble dry on medium heat. Follow all care tag instructions and our recommended care Instructions

How often do you have sales?

We don’t run sales often, but we do love giving back to our best customers. Join our Facebook VIP page to get early access, special discounts and sneak peeks!


How much is shipping?

Lark Adventurewear currently offers free shipping to US orders over $85 Gift cards do not qualify towards free shipping only physical items shipped. Cart subtotal must be above your location's free shipping threshold. This is the amount after any discount codes are applied and before taxes are calculated.

Shipping fees on all international orders is calculated based on the weight of the package. 

We reserve the right to not ship to certain areas, in the event shipping charges are too costly. We do not ship to PO Boxes. Please note that local charges may occur at customer’s expense, especially for Canadian and overseas orders where additional duties and taxes may apply.

When will my order ship?

We aim to fulfill orders within 1-2 business days.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

We can offer this in unique circumstances. Please email support@wearlark.com with subject line “Expedited Shipping” before you place your order so we can let you know if we can accommodate the request. 

Do you ship internationally?

We ship using USPS or FedEx for domestic and international orders. International customers are responsible for paying all taxes and duties, should they occur when their local post office delivers the package. Due to COVID-19, FedEx now charges additional surcharges to certain areas. The customer is responsible for paying these fees.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Pennsylvania and most items reach within 3-5 business days unless you choose priority shipping. 

Order Cancellations or Change Requests

Can I edit my order?

Within 2 hours of purchase please email us support@wearlark.com if you would like to edit your order and we will use all reasonable efforts to change your order before it is shipped out. If you’d like to add something to your order, please place an additional order, and be aware that we are unable to combine orders.
Please note: Order edit/cancel is not available during sales. 

Can I cancel my order or change my address after the 24-hour period has passed?

If you would like to cancel your order or change your address, our team does its best to accommodate these requests, as long as the order is unfulfilled. Please send an email ASAP to support@larkwear.com with the subject and content of the email stating, "CANCELLATION ORDER ####" or "CHANGE OF ADDRESS ORDER ####."
If you are requesting a change of address, please include the updated address within your initial inquiry.
Please note that we cannot guarantee that these changes be made prior to fulfillment, and once an order is fulfilled, we cannot cancel or change the address.

Can I combine my unfulfilled orders?

We are not able to combine multiple orders to ship together. If you would like to cancel your order(s) to place one large order, you can utilize our order edit/cancellation feature within the first 24 hours.

My order is lost or delayed in transit. What should I do?

If your order has not arrived in 2 weeks from the date of shipment, please reach out to the postal carrier (USPS, Fedex, or Canada Post), as well as our team  (support@larkwear.com) for further assistance. We, unfortunately, cannot control the speed of delivery once packages leave our warehouse. We understand it is frustrating to experience postal delays, and are happy to assist in any way we can.

How do I add a gift message or receipt?

Thank you for gifting Lark! Our packing slips that accompany orders don’t include prices so the recipient won’t see that information. If you would like to include a gift message, there is an option at checkout to write a note. If the recipient needs to exchange or return the item, please direct them to our return portal.

Gift Cards

How do I purchase a gift card?

Thank you for wanting to gift Lark! You can use this link to purchase a gift card on our website. 

Can I return a gift card?

We unfortunately do not offer returns on gift cards. 

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