What makes Lark Adventure different?
We use a proprietary natural wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from a babies skin keeping them cooler and drier in warm weather.  We also want to make clothing and diaper changes as easy as possible! Easy top open snaps and our bottom-to-top zippers help make that happen.

What is baby activewear?
We know babies aren’t running marathons or doing yoga, but we hope that they are out and about with their active parents! We want parents to stay outside with their kids, workout, take their babies on a hike and explore the world around them. We think that is hard to do if your little ones are uncomfortable and their regular cotton clothes are sticking to them!  Our breathable, natural moisture wicking fabric helps regulate a babies temperature and keep them cool, dry and fashionable.

When does my baby need activewear?
All the time! It’s ideal to use when the weather is warm either outside or indoors. We have footies, rompers and bodysuits to offer you plenty of options for coverage depending on the event or situation.  Carseats and strollers get hot easily in the sun making kiddos overheat and sweat even on a mild day. It’s also ideal to use if you babywear in a carrier or wrap. All that extra fabric makes baby sticky and uncomfortable!

Although it may seem like Lark Adventurewear is only great for warm days outdoors. Our clothing is also great as the days get colder. As you layer your baby in cold weather gear - like sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets - having a wicking base layer will ensure that your little ones aren’t overheating and that they have a breathable fabric against their delicate skin.

Why do you only make baby clothes? What about older kids and adults?
We would love to expand Lark Adventurewear beyond our current sizes. We are working hard to make that happen. If you want it to happen sooner, we would love to hear your ideas. Email us at hello@larkwear.com

What is Lark Adventurewear clothing made out of?
We use a 60% cotton/40% Viscose from Bamboo blend created with a special wicking thread that pulls moisture away from a baby’s delicate skin. There are no chemicals and no synthetic fabrics in our clothing. Our eco-friendly fabric is independently certified by Oeko-Tex®’s STANDARD 100.

Where can I buy Lark Adventurewear?
Checkout our shop section or buy in person at one of our retail partners

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